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Schedule of Services and Fees

General Notes on Fees

As you will see on this website, the cost of my services directly reflects my commitment to my clients and to those who seek my legal advice. I don't delegate my work to anyone. Period. Not to legal assistants. Not to non lawyer counselors. Not to other lawyers who may be unfamiliar with your case. I will give your case my utmost personal attention. If you call my office, you will speak to me. If you leave me a message, I will call you back personally.

I don't provide any services and you do not become my client without a legal services contract signed by both you, the client, and me. The scope of my legal services will be determined by our written agreement. My schedule of my fees and services is here. This Schedule of Fees and Services is meant for a general understanding of how I bill for my work and may change without notice. This Schedule of Fees and Services should not be understood as an acceptance of any particular case.

In all cases, translation services must be arranged by the client, whether through my office or through independent translators. The fees listed on other pages on this website do not include fees for translation, printing, copying, postage, traveling, phone usage or filing fees, which are additional costs aside from and in addition to the legal services fees described on my fee schedule. Depending on your case, I will determine the amount of money that should be placed into an escrow account from which I will withdraw the funds necessary for these expenses. When I have fulfilled the obligations specified in our legal services contract, I will return the remaining escrow funds, if any, back to you.

In all cases, in the event that we have not yet had an initial oral consultation, I will do so and will only agree to proceed in your case if I conclude that you qualify or may qualify for the immigration benefit that you are seeking. In the event that I conclude that you do not qualify for a contemplated immigration benefit, you will only be charged the oral consultation fee described as described on my fee schedule, here. If you want me to provide a written explanation of my opinion, see the "Consultation and Legal Opinion Letter" section that you can find here.

If I need to review your case file in order to determine your eligibility for an immigration benefit, you will be charged the relevant fee, depending on the scope of my file review, and following the fee structure which is here.

If you hire me to apply for any immigration benefit, I will file up to six follow up to six written,email, or telephone inquiry letters with the appropriate agency once the normal processing time has passed and you have not received a decision on your application.

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