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Schedule of Services and Fees

Follow Up: Inquiries with Governmental Agencies

If you have ever applied for an immigration benefit, you are very likely to have experienced months or even years of waiting for a answer about your case. Your case may be moving along and then it moves from one office to another and appears to vanish for months and even years. After a brief oral consultation, if it is appropriate, I file a letter, phone, or email inquiry with the relevant agency asking about the status of your case. Or I may simultaneously file letter, phone, and email inquiries. I keep up with the constantly changing 'escalation' procedures with USCIS offices, which determine how long I should wait for a response and with whom I should file the subsequent inquiry. The legal services fee for this kind of work will vary on a case by case basis.

The fees on this page do not include expenses fees which apply to all the cases I take. Please goto the "General Notes on Fees" page that discusses additional charges to be placed in an escrow account as I am working on your case.

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