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Schedule of Services and Fees

Representation in Removal Proceedings

Removal Proceedings, formerly known as Deportation or Exclusion Proceedings, are cases which take place in Immigration Court, to determine whether or not a person can remain in the United States. Removal applications are labor intensive and often integrate applications for Asylum and related programs, applications for TPS status, applications for Residency, applications for Cancellation of Removal, and applications for the exercise of discretion under section 212(c), along with multiple hearing dates, motions, and other correspondence with the Court and Department of Homeland Security Chief Counsel. One case can take many dozens of hours to complete and one case can include the preparation for several different types of immigration benefits.

Representation in Removal Proceedings
$7000 Flat Fee
We have a preliminary consultation to see what your options are within the context of Removal Proceedings. I prepare any and all applications that will prevent your removal from the United States. I meet with you several times to discuss the preparation of the case, the preparation of your testimony, the preparation of witnesses, and preparation for being cross examined by DHS Chief Counsel. This service does not include postal fees, USCIS Or Immigration Court filing fees, or travel expenses. This base fee may be adjusted upwards if you are detained or the Immigration Court in question is more than 3 hours traveling time from my office. There are many other variables that may affect the cost of representation in Removal Proceedings, which vary on a case by case basis. In cases in which Voluntary Departure is the only relief sought, the fee will be substantially lower than the Base Fee described above.

Cancellation of Removal
This form of application always takes place within Removal Proceedings, and is filed with the Immigration Court if the Client is eligible. Cancellation of Removal will halt deportation and give the Applicant Legal Permanent Resident Status. It is difficult to win this type of case, as the Client (who has no legal status in the United States) must show that relatives with legal status in the United States will suffer exceptional and extremely unusual hardship if the Applicant is deported from the United States. The standard of hardship that a Lawful Permanent Resident must show to gain Cancellation of Removal is somewhat less difficult to win.

The fees on this page do not include expenses fees which apply to all the cases I take. Please goto the "General Notes on Fees" page that discusses additional charges to be placed in an escrow account as I am working on your case.

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