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Schedule of Services and Fees

Employment Flatd Nonimmigrant Benefits

H-1B Visas
$4000 Flat Legal Services Fee
The H-1B Visa/Status is available to certain persons in with skills in a specialty occupation, fashion models of distinguished merit and ability, or for certain persons providing services related to Department of Defense. We have a preliminary consultation to see if you are eligible for this visa or classification. In the event that we agree to proceed, I file the requisite LCA and I-129 applications along with supporting documents with the Department of Labor, and USCIS. I file the nonimmigrant visa application and supporting documents with the State Department for persons who are seeking entry into the U.S. with an H1-B visa.

O-1 Visas
$4000 Flat Legal Services Fee
The O Visa is available to persons with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics which has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim. The potential employer must obtain an advisory opinion from a union that regulate the area of applicant's proposed employment, and, in certain situations, from a relevant management group. Once the petitioning employer obtains the advisory opinion, it files form I-129 on behalf of the Applicant. If the Applicant is overseas, the approval of the I-129 must be brought to a US consulate in the Applicant's country and be accompanied with an application for a nonimmigrant visa at the consulate. We have a preliminary consultation to see whether an O-1 visa is an option for a petitioner and foreign national. I prepare the documents necessary for securing the advisory opinion, the I-129 and supporting documents, and the nonimmigrant visa application for applicants outside of the United States.

Other Employment Flatd Nonimmigrant Visa Petitions
Contact my office (; Tel.347-245-7078) if you are interested in filing other employment based nonimmigrant visas, such as E, L, and P visas.

The fees on this page do not include expenses fees which apply to all the cases I take. Please goto the "General Notes on Fees" page that discusses additional charges to be placed in an escrow account as I am working on your case

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