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Schedule of Services and Fees

Work Authorization Applications

Work Authorization Petition (Form I-765)
$500 Base Legal Services Fee
This is an application to get permission to work in the United States legally. We fill out Form I-765. I prepare the supporting documents. We discuss whether or not you are eligible for work authorization.
We discuss any and all issues that may influence your work authorization application, such as the status of your pending or approved immigration benefits case. If you are applying for work authorization based on a case that I have filed for you, the Base Legal Services Fee is reduced from $500 to $150.(Except in certain cases where you must file financial documents showing that you must work as a matter of economic necessity.)

The fees on this page do not include expenses fees which apply to all the cases that I take. Please goto the "General Notes on Fees" page that discusses additional charges to be placed in an escrow account as I am working on your case

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