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Schedule of Services and Fees

Mandamus Actions


$3000 Flat Legal Services Fee

Waiting months or even years for a decision in an immigration benefits application often happens to persons who have filed applications with USCIS. In certain circumstances, a person may file a Mandamus Action in a U.S. District Court. I am admitted to the bar for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York, which has jurisdiction over immigration applicants through most of Central and Northern New York State.

In a successful Mandamus Action, a District Court orders an agency to adjudicate an application for an immigration benefit. If retained, I make diligent attempts to have your application adjudicated by USCIS. If those fail, I file a Mandamus Action with the U.S. District Court, and attempt to settle the matter with the U.S. Attorney's office, which represents the U.S. government in a Mandamus Action. If attempts to settle fail, I bring the matter before a judge, who then decides whether a Writ of Mandamus is proper.

The fees on this page do not include expenses fees which apply to all the cases that I take. Please goto the "General Notes on Fees" page that discusses additional charges to be placed in an escrow account as I am working on your case

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